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Keystone Place at Lavalle Fields
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by Shari Bruns on Keystone Place at Lavalle Fields
To the staff of Keystone Place LaValle Fields

Where are the words I can use to express my gratitude for everything everyone has done for my Mother, Father and my family these past 3 12 years.

Keystone has been so much more than a place for my parents to live; you have been our family's support system with so many of you both staff and residents becoming extended family.

Six years ago I became primary caretaker for both of my parents. When they were still living on their own i took care of their bills, doctors' appointments, daily med management, cooked meals and made sure where they lived was safe. Then time came they moved into our home. My husband became my shoulder to lean on as my job of 24/7 care became so much more. March of 2015 it became evident I could no longer provide the care that my parents needed. God directed us to Keystone.

The gift of care my parents received was beyond anything I ever could imagine or hope for. All the staff both out front and behind the scene gave a gift of genuine love and concern for my parents. There are so many people to thank, Bill for giving the strength of his shoulders to help make the hard decisions about my parents care, Kathleen for listening when there were both good and bad days, Becky, Rachael and Michelle for their smiles and hugs. The nursing staff way too many to mention by name individually who day in and day out stepped in to make sure my mother and father were taken care of take sol could just enjoy being with them and be their daughter. Finally, to Allina Hospice and all their staff and volunteers who helped with the final days of my parent's lives, who gave them the love, care and support they needed to be able to move on.

You all gave so much of yourselves to my parents, the love and care and the dignity of life is something that I will never forget and hold close to my heart for the rest of my life. It is hard to see a parent get older but with everyone at Keystone these last years with my parents are years I will cherish and I feel blessed for each and every one of you.

Thank you, thank you for the beautiful memorials for my parents, thank you for your support, your tears and laughter, thank you for your love, thank you for being you.

by Kristin Davis on Keystone Place at Lavalle Fields
Gold Standard!

This Beautiful Senior living building in definitely the "Gold Standard" in Twin Cities! With a fabulous caring team that all "roll up their sleeves" to help make their residents feel at home. It's not "what they do, its why they do it"

by David Peylaave & Lynne, Mike and Gin, Dan & Lavern on Keystone Place at Lavalle Fields

We moved our parents this past weekend to Keystone Place At LaValle Fields in Hugo. They have just opened their doors within the past several weeks. We visited the location with my parents and family mainly to allow them to get a feel for the location. Construction was still on going but we were able to get a sense of what it would look like. My brother Mike has been physically challenged and in a wheel chair for many years, is very familiar with what it takes and what is required to provide care for those less fortunate than ourselves. We have met many of the Management and staff people of the facility and have been very impressed. We can not say enough about the positive feelings and what we learned listening and watching the employee’s at Keystone Place. William Currier, the Executive Director of the location is one of the finest people we have had to pleasure to meet in a long time, he is dedicated to making the location the best that they can be and it is very evident he will continue to ensure that is so. He is right up there with you. The staff he has in place are all very professional and caring people for those whom they will be serving. I would highly recommend that you and your staff at “A Place for Mom” recommend them to those in search of a location for their loved ones. I would also recommend that you personally visit the location if at all possible. Once again, thank you so much for all that you do to help others. David Peylaave & Lynne, Mike and Gin, Dan & Lavern, the proud sons, the “finnish dago” results to two fabulous people, John(Italian) & Edith(Finnish) our mom and dad. Just remember a “finnish dago” is a high class Wap!

by I am a friend or relative of resident on Keystone Place at Lavalle Fields
One Big Family

I moved my husband from another facility to Keystone Place Memory Care soon after it opened. I couldn’t be happier. The staff and administration are phenomenal – cheerful, respectful, caring, and supportive. The meals are delicious and residents are proud to have family members eat with them in the dining room. The memory care residents bake cookies often, do many crafts and games, and even go on field trips. As the spouse of a resident, I enjoy being there and I think that says a lot for the atmosphere. Keystone Place truly has gone beyond my expectations and is reasonably priced. I highly recommend this facility for all levels of care, as we are treated as one big family.

by Current Resident on Keystone Place at Lavalle Fields
To: Bill

Bill: I just wanted to tell you that our family is very impressed with you and what you have done and know that you will continue doing. We want you to let your staff know that we all were very impressed with their professionalism, with the interaction they exhibited to the tenants and with each other. You can also let Dave the chef know that meals are excellent, we will not ask for our money back again. Laughs. We will all highly recommend your establishment to others and tomorrow I will call Marcus at “A Place for Mom” to inform him about you and your staff. Thanks so much for what you all do!

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